Four Simple Beauty Tips For Lips!

Just like how your face needs simple skincare routine in the same way your lips also needs its time of proper care and moisturizing. Our lips enhance the charisma of the face. For instance, if you apply a pink or a red lipstick your face instantly brightens up leading to the overall charm of the face.

Now, these things are only possible if you take proper care of your lips. Chapped lips and dehydrated lips doesn’t look that attractive as a moisturized and hydrated lips look. Hence, if you want to know how you can achieve those beautiful lips then here is a list of four simple beauty tips for lips that you could read and follow it in order to make your lips pretty and beautiful.

Exfoliate Your Lips:

As much as your face or neck needs exfoliation, your lips too need exfoliation in order to stay supple and soft. For scrubbing your lips use a natural lip scrub every once a week to remove any of the dry skin and dead cells from the lips. For making a natural scrub, you can mix sugar and olive oil or sugar and honey and use it gently on your lips. After exfoliation, use a lip butter or a lip balm to moisturize.

Use SPF Based Lip Products:

Your skin needs to have a protective layer that would help your skin protect against the harsh UV rays of the sun. Also, exposure to the sun leads to lips darkening and so make sure to use lip balms that contain SPF. A lip balm that has SPF of 30 from a trusted brand can be an ideal choice for your lips.

Massage At Night:

Well, you can massage at day time also but at night before going to bed would be an ideal option as you don’t eat or drink that often. For massage, you can take honey and almond oil and gently massage it. The massage will help in increasing the blood flow to the lips that would eventually make them look healthier, plump and red.

Make Minimal Use of Lipsticks:

These lipsticks are made from a mixture of pigments, wax, fragrance, alcohol and oils and prolonged use of lipsticks tends to harm our lips in the best possible way. Hence, make minimal use of the lipstick. Instead of lipstick, you can use tinted lip balm on a regular basis and make lipstick ideal for parties, hangouts or brunch.

Therefore, now that you know the four simple beauty tips for lips then make sure to implement these tips in your daily routine. With these amazing tips for lips, if you would like to know what are the top five types of  serum in the market then head over to the next article.

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