Top Five Types Of Serum In The Market!

You all must be familiar with the whole serum trend in the market and how effective it is for our skin. Serums are those concentrated solutions that go deep in our skin to provide the benefits of active ingredients. These serums are applied after your essence and before the moisturizer. So, if you’re wondering what are the types of serums in general and which are the top five types of serums in the market that you would want to invest in then keep on reading.

Oil Based Serum:

Oil-based serums are best and one of the easiest solutions to work with. In order to make it absorb by the skin, you have to massage your face and neck which also helps in improving the blood circulation. These oil-based serums not only helps with moisturizing and offering barrier repair properties but they also contain essential fatty acids, polyphenols and other compounds to help your skin be healthy.

Water-Based Serum:

A water-based serum provides high performance hydrophilic botanical extracts that are then covered with creams and lotions. The best way you could use the benefits of a water-based serum is to layer it up with an anti-ageing face mist underneath and an oil. Here, the oils will create the barrier and will let the ingredients penetrate to a greater extent.

Acne-Fighting Serums:

Acne-Fighting serums help in fighting the blemishes, dark spots and annoying acne breakouts. These acne-fighting serums work by unclogging and minimizing the pores, minimizing the irritation and redness, tightens skin and absorbs the excess oil. The ingredients that are good for acne-fighting serums are citric acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid and botanical extracts like cucumber, green tea, tea tree and thyme.

Anti-Ageing Serums:

Anti-ageing serums as the name suggests are the type of serums that are known for giving the benefits of anti-ageing. These serums help with slowing the process of ageing by targeting fine lines, wrinkles while firming and plumping the face and neck. These also help in with smoothening out the texture and appearance of the skin. Retinol which is a derivative of Vitamin A is known to be the most important ingredient for this type of serum.

Skin Brightening Serums:

Now, who doesn’t want a little glow and brightness on their face? Skin-Brightening serums are one of the most preferred serums for people. These serums help in brightening up the dull looking face by smoothing the complexion, evening out the skin tone, fading any age or dark spots and diminishing the hyperpigmentation in order to give that radiant glow and healthy-looking skin.

Therefore, now that you know what are the top 5 three types of serums in the market then go ahead and get the one that you think will suit you better. With these types of serums, if you would want to know simple skincare routine and homemade mask for oily skin then head over to the next articles.

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